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Agar Agar, A Vegetarians Gelatin

Agar agar know other name as agar, made from red seaweed, agar agar which was first discovered more than 300 years ago in both Japan and China. Agar agar was said for the East Asia novel products duo to its excellent high gelling properties.

Agar is existence as the polysaccharide in the cell wall of some red algae, It contain the sulfated galactose monomers, We extract and purification it become the end product Agar Agar. It has the melt point approx at 85 C, Gel Point approx at 35 C, as an excellent gelling agent and thickener in many processed foods, pharmaceutical, and other industrial range and scientific R&D.Maxdragon agar agar is manufactured from fine imported and local Chinese red algae. We have two kinds of materials Geliidium amansii and Gracilaria to extract for our agar agar. The unique characteristics of agar powder product has high gel strength, high solidification and minimal syneresis. Our agar powder/strip is widely and effectively used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, scientific R&D.Our agar can used in following food ingredients: Bakery products, confectionery, meat and fish products, dairy products, beverages etc. The agar can improve texture and mouth feel in many food products. We are proud to announce that the quality of our agar products powder/strip has reached or exceed the world standard.

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