Maxdragon International Corporation was established in 1991, our business scope is biochemicals products for the health food, pharmaceutical, anti-aging products, cosmetic, household products, pesticide, dope, circumstance protection, chemistry synthesize and chemistry analysis etc.

We are manufacturer, distributor and agent of famous corporation in the world, our products list is nature cyclodextrin and their derivates (chemical modified) , their inclusion complex, synthesize amino acid, peptide and glutathione, carnosine, silicone, coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid/R-alpha lipoic acid, tea tree oil, vitamins, L-menthol, tocopherol, L-Carnitines, agar agar, carrageenan, bilberry P.E., Rosebuds P.E., and the other plant extracted powder/concentrate, anti-aging actives products and their Cyclodextrin inclusion complex. we sell these products to mainland of China, TaiWan, HongKong, Korea, and Japan market.

Our company in GuangZhou is named Maxdragon(GZ) BioChem Ltd. register in China government as a Import/Export house. Our company has the full experience to increase the life character of the people and protect the human's health, anti-aging, anti-disease.. We will make great effort on this scope and supply the high –tech and high quality biochemicals products to the world.

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